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Our Services

As a chiropractor, I have a large number of treatment options to effectively care for my patients. Over the years, I have used many different therapies and techniques. This has resulted in the core group of treatments I currently use in my office. My goal is to develop a custom treatment plan for each patient so their complaint is reduced as quickly as possible, their condition is stabilized and they can have an active and pain free lifestyle. If I think we can help you, I will tell you and make treatment recommendations. If I don't think we can help you, I will tell you who I think can.

The first thing you will do in our office is to complete a health history questionnaire. This allows you to tell us your reason for visiting the office and allows us to identify probable causes for your pain. I will then perform a thorough consultation and examination, take x-rays if indicated and discuss treatment options with you. We have a "no stress", "no pressure" practice.

Some spinal problems also involve muscle spasms, weak muscles, inflamed or swollen spinal joints, and/or irritated or pinched spinal nerve roots. We treat these situations with spinal adjustment & physical therapy modalities. These treatments may include aqua-med/massage, electric muscle stimulation, myofascial release, manual traction, heat and/or ice. I may also make recommendations as to the use of heat or ice and stretching and exercises.

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