Benko Chiropractic, PC

Patient Testimonials



My wife, who has been a patient of Dr. Benko's, referred me to him for my leg and lower back pain.  I was skeptical at first, but after months of no relief with other doctors.  I went to see Dr. Benko.  After a few  visits I began to see positive results to my leg and lower back pain.  Dr. Benko has a very professional office, where your more than just a "number", your a person with a name.


I would like to give my appreciation to Dr. Benko and his staff. I was in a bad car accident this past year, due to the accident I had major neck and lower back pain. But thanks to Dr. Benko I feel great again. The office has a great atmosphere and I would recommend their services to anyone.


I have been a patient for approximately 4 months and I could not be more pleased with the entire experience. From Debbie, the office manager, who was very informative and helpful when I first called in to set my initial appointment. She is well organized and has exceptional follow up on appointment scheduling and insurance questions. Tiffany, Dr. Benko's assistant is very pleasant and also very good at what she does. Finally, Dr. Benko is one of the most energetic and positive personalities I ever met, especially considering he is a doctor. He knows all his patients by name, without looking at your folder first. He made an accurate diagnosis and we've been working diligently since at improving my lower back health. I would highly recommend Dr. Benko and his staff to anyone that is suffering from any type of neck or back pain.


I had dealt with headaches for around two years. I would get mild to severe headaches once or twice a week. Once I started seeing Dr. Benko and following his treatment plan the headaches immediately improved. I have now been free of headaches for around a year! I feel better than ever. Dr. Benko and his staff run a very professional office and I would recommend it to anyone who is in need of a chiropractor.


Excellent Chiropractor: I have been suffering from pain in my legs for many months. After following Dr. Benko's recommendations for care, I have never felt better. I would recommend Dr. Benko very much for he is very in tune with his patients and their individual needs.


I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Benko and his staff for helping me to recover from extreme pain of my lower back and neck due to my car accident. My range of motion has greatly improved and my pain has subsided, seeing Dr. Benko, and following his treatment plan. Dr. Benko and his office staff are a helpful and caring office, it is a very friendly atmosphere. It's amazing how chiropractic makes you feel after a treatment.  I would highly recommend Dr. Benko's office.