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Schererville Auto Injury Treatment

Schererville Indiana auto injury treatmentSince 1991, Dr. Daniel Benko has been helping patients in Schererville, Dyer, Highland, and Crown Point, Indiana recover from injuries caused by car accidents. If you've been injured, it's important to know that you don't have to suffer with chronic pain and disability from your crash. Chiropractic is a safe and effective way to help heal your body from any kind of injury. One study found that 93% of patients who have been injured in a crash recover after utilizing chiropractic care!

During a crash, your body (especially your head and neck) are exposed to very high stresses and strains. These forces can result in forces that can tear, stretch, or sprain ligaments, nerves, or muscles in your body. Depending on the type of accident you were in, you might experience a range of symptoms or problems:

  • Neck Pain - This is the most common problem associated with car crashes and one that we're great at treating at Benko Chiropractic.
  • Back Pain - Your back can be sprained during a crash as the seat back can rapidly straighten or twist your spine, injurying the ligaments.
  • Shoulder Pain - This is another common problem. This can be caused by strain on your arm or neck, and can be challenging to diagnose. We will conduct a thorough exam when you visit to pinpoint the exact source of your shoulder pain.
  • Headache - One of the most common problems after a car crash that our patients report. Again, this is another problem that can have many different causes, and we'll work to identify the root source of your pain.
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome - Some doctors have a tough time diagnosing this problem, as the symptoms might develop over weeks or months. It's often experienced as a tingling, numbness, or pain in the shoulder, arm, or fingers and can often be confused with carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Radicular Pain - If your neck or back is injured in a crash, the nerves that travel down your arm or leg might be compressed or pinched. Read more about radicular pain here.
  • Jaw Pain - Temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ) is another problem we see in our Schererville office in patients after a car crash. Usually, TMJ pain originates in the neck tissues and develops as jaw pain over time.
  • Dizziness or Vertigo - Many patients report this problem and it also has a variety of etiologies. Usually, once we treat the tissue damage in your neck, the dizziness symptoms vanish.

We have a tremendous amount of experience working with auto injury cases, so you're in good hands at Benko Chiropractic. If you've been injured, you'll want to come into our office as soon as possible.

Studies show that early treatment of whiplash is important in preventing the onset of scar tissue, which can result in permanent restriction of movement and chronic pain -- things you want to avoid!

Our office is conveniently located for patients in Schererville, Dyer, Highland, and Crown Point, Indiana. Give our office a call today at (219) 322-9999, and we'll get you in as soon as possible.